The news is in… urban chickens are the all the rage!

Have you always wanted a flock of chickens frolicking through your backyard but don’t know how to get started? Maybe you already jumped into backyard chicken keeping head first and need a little help along the way.

No matter what your point of view, the Patio Raptors ebook is for you.

Raising chickens in the city can be challenging but is immensely rewarding!

This ebook shares all the secrets of successfully keeping a flock in your backyard, no matter how tiny it may be.  This ebook will inspire, entertain, and educate you on the ins and outs of raising an urban poultry flock.

What's Inside?

Patio Raptors contains over 100 pages of adventures and advice in raising urban chickens. Like a good friend, this ebook will be by your side to guide you through every aspect of urban chicken keeping, from broaching the subject with your neighbors to bringing home that box of adorable peeping chicks.

Here's just a few things you'll find inside:

  • Things to consider pre-chickens
  • Pros and cons of urban chickens
  • Building the perfect chicken coop
  • Tracking down chicks and supplies
  • All about neighbors
  • Pest and predator advice
  • Legality, permits, and fees
  • Caring for new chicks
  • Urban pests and predators
  • Chicken poo and how to put it to use
  • Chickens and your beautiful yard

Patio Raptors is full of countless stories of the hilarity and wonder that comes along with raising your own flock of chickens. Each chapter contains beautiful full color photographs that will have you dreaming of your own backyard flock!

Peek Inside:

From the Preface:

When we first considered raising chickens in the city, we read every book on the market. Some barely skimmed the surface of chicken keeping, and some went into such great scientific detail that it left our heads spinning. A lot of the books told only the best parts of this hobby, leaving us stranded when the tough parts inevitably cropped up. 

While these books allowed us to piece together the information that we needed to get started, not one of them covered the particularities of raising chickens in the city. I was left with so many questions that could only be answered the hard way, through trial and (plenty of) error. To this day, we still can't find a comprehensive book on raising city chickens, so I wrote one!

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