*PREORDER* Cheeky Peeps: Design your own!

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This preorder has the option to design your own Cheeky Peep character mug! If you choose this option please allow me up to 12 weeks to make your mug. Cheeky Peeps take a lot of time and effort and I want to make yours perfect for you! 

How it works:

There are example photos above of Cheeky Peeps I've made in the past. I will not make an exact copy of any of those mugs, BUT you can pick and choose elements from them to design your own.

To design your own Cheeky Peep, please add a NOTE to this order when you checkout explaining in detail how you'd like for your mug to look. The more specific you can be, the easier it will be to make your mug.

What you should add to your note:

Facial expression- what do you want the eyes, eyelids, beak, comb, wattles to look like?

Color- What colors do you like for the inside and outside? Be as specific as possible, there are thousands of different colors out there for glaze! 

Texture- Would you like for me to carve designs into the glaze, showing the white clay underneath? Do you like the painted designs on the surface? Both? Let me know!

Name- Name your Cheeky Peep! You can name it after a member of your flock or a name you made up, or even after yourself!  

For example: 

"I really like the facial expression of Eloise, but would prefer the beak of Rowena, and I'd like the glaze colors of Hattie- light blue with dark blue designs painted and carved spots. I would like the comb and wattles to be shades of light red. The beak should be deep straw yellow instead of bright yellow. On the inside I would like bright orange glaze. My Cheeky Peep will be named Henrietta."

Other things to note:

If you're thinking outside the box and your request is something I haven't made yet, that's perfectly fine, just describe in as much detail as you can. If you have them, photos or sketches of your design idea can be emailed to: meredith@backyardchickenproject.com

I plan to make these mugs with a handle on the back unless you specify that you don't want a handle. 

Please keep in mind, with any custom made order there will be variations between your vision and my execution of it. I will do my best to create your Cheeky Peep just how you like, but it won't be a 100% perfect copy of what's in your mind. My own style and what glazes I have available will certainly play a role in your finished piece. 

Thank you for ordering a custom Cheeky Peep, I simply can't wait to create your perfect mug! 

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