Here at Backyard Chicken Project, we’re mastering the art of loving chickens, and invite you to come along on our journey!

Backyard Chicken Project was created in 2011 as a space to teach fellow chicken keepers the art of raising chickens as pets with benefits.

Over the years it’s grown from a tiny blog to a beautiful community of chicken lovers, sharing our adoration of these creatures while we learn together and create chicken-inspired artwork.

 name is Meredith Skyer, and I’m the head chicken tender behind the screen. I’m an artist and art teacher to little ones at my local school. I also teach online through youtube and my chicken painting class on Skillshare.

I live with my husband, dog, cat, chickens, and rabbits on a wooded homestead in Western NY. This is where I make chicken-inspired pottery and paintings, and sell them on this shop. Backyard Chicken Project is a one-woman operation and a true labor of love. I truly appreciate all of you who support my little art shop!

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