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What is Backyard Chicken Project?

We are a movement. A backyard movement of crazy chicken people spreading their love across the world. We believe in the happy, healthy, spoiled chicken. 

We believe in getting back to the land. We believe in treating animals right. We believe our project has what it takes to make the world a better place, one chicken at a time.

The Backyard Chicken Project has both a website and a boutique (you are here). The website hosts our chicken keeping articles and community, which we call our flock. Together, the website, flock, and boutique come together to make a rockin' place that chicken lovers can come home to roost. 

The Egghead Behind the Scenes

Hey, I'm Meredith, and I'm the owner and artist behind Backyard Chicken Project. I'm a self proclaimed Crazy Chicken Lady, artist, writer, and teacher. All the designs in this shop came from my chicken loving brain. I'm coming up with new designs on the daily, so be sure to join our newsletter to get shop updates!

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