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About the Chicken Mug

My husband and I have been raising backyard chickens for many years, and I just had to share my love of chickens with my pottery, so the chicken mug was born, errr, hatched! These handcrafted chicken mugs are made one by one, so each and every one is a true individual. Chicken Mugs make perfect gifts, whether it's for yourself (and hey, you deserve it) or for a fellow chicken lover!

This piece is made by hands:

Please note this mug is handmade by a single artist, not created in a factory by machines and robots. While I do put in a lot of effort to make consistently beautiful work, none of my pieces are perfect, as they simply can't be when made by hand. There may be some subtle irregularities in the shape or glaze, which I like to think of as little touches of character. This is what makes every piece unique, just like you and me.


Height: 4 inches
Cup diameter: 3inches


These wares are made to last a lifetime with high quality stoneware clay and glazes.

Gift Wrapping and Packaging:

Each piece sent from my shop is gift wrapped, at no extra expense to you. The piece will be wrapped in colorful tissue paper and placed in a beautiful white box filled with a cloud of colorful springfill.

You may have concern over ordering a fragile ceramic piece and having it shipped, but rest assured this piece will arrive safely. Packaging the pieces as I do, with a box within a box, and lots of padding, assures they will arrive to you safely.


The cost of shipping is determined by Etsy, depending on your distance from my studio. I do everything in my power to make shipping as affordable as possible, while still assuring that your piece will arrive safely.

Much as they try, on occasion the elves at Etsy miscalculate the shipping cost. When the miscalculation is more than a dollar, I will refund the amount to you. My goal is to get this piece safely to you, without you incurring any extra costs for shipping.

Giving Back:

I've been a devoted animal adorer since basically birth, and want to see the animals we share our world with being treated well, especially those animals that give so much to us, the chickens.

The current practice of abuse and neglect happening on industrial farms all over the world is sickening, and needs to end. I want to see more happy, healthy hens, so I decided to do something about it.

Through my sister site, Backyard Chicken Project, I teach everything I know about chicken keeping and aim to support backyard chicken keepers so they can take control of their food source and get to see first hand how lovely these creatures can be.

Teaching others how to care for chickens is only part of my goal to put an end to mistreatment of chickens on factory farms.

Through my Free the Chickens Project, I'm sending 10% of all profits from this shop to non profit organizations to aid in the care of their chickens and aid in the fight to put an end to inhumane farming practices.

To read more about the Free the Chickens Project, check out my website below:


Merry Skyer Studios is a one woman business. Each piece is hand made in the USA by Merry Skyer in her woodland pottery studio located in Western New York. Each and every item in this shop is uniquely crafted with time, love, and high quality materials.

Due to the fact that these mugs are handmade, each one is completely unique. There may be minuscule variations in color and size.

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