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You've Found Your Flock

Now it's time to show it. Our collection of chicken swag is all you need to treat yo' chicken-keeping-self. 

Every purchase made in this shop goes to helping hens in need. We donate 10% of our profits to The Humane Society at Lollypop Farm!

Art Prints

Fancy up your human coop with these gorgeous watercolor prints!

Each piece was meticulously painted while watching chickens romp around the yard.

They're printed on beautiful, acid free matte paper with the boldest of colors.

You'll swoon when you see these beauties hanging in your home!


Let your inner crazy chicken person run wild in this awesome chicken swag!

Our clothing line is not only beautiful, it's insanely comfortable!

These tees and tanks are super soft, and best of all, they're made in the USA!


Feather your nest with our amazing handmade stoneware Chicken Mugs!

Each one is hand crafted in a tiny pottery studio in the woods of Western New York. 

They're as individual as you and me!


Don't leave home without these fun chicken-rific Tote Bags!

Our tote bags are sturdy, weather resistant, and tough. They can hold up to 44 pounds! That's like six chickens!

These totes are perfect for hauling groceries, toys, craft projects, or can even replace your purse!

The Help-a-Hen Program

Your purchase helps us to help hens in need.

To do our part, we donate 10% of profits from this shop to a local animal shelter that takes in homeless chickens and recovering battery hens from factory farms.

Help us help them. Every purchase you make here helps a suffering hen find a new, loving home.  

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